Making a Good First Impression: 7 Sex Moves That Guarantee Your Booty Call Will Come Back For More


“Make a long lasting impression”

Whether you want to make your woman or your booty keep coming back for more, it is important to know what really makes a woman squirm, and moan, and cry with pleasure in bed. Sex is an art, and it takes time, patience, and the willingness to learn, to know what it is. Sex is a language, and it sounds resonate differently to different women, and understanding the sex language of a woman you’re having a relationship with is very important. Whether you’re looking for great sexual adventures from online booty call sites or along the streets you walk, there are some techniques, call them sex moves, which can be mind-blowing. Below are some of the ones that women can really find exciting and utterly thrilling.

1. The Cowgirl Gives the Woman Control


“A cowgirl is a dominating girl’s favorite position”

This sex move is one of the easiest sex positions, and any woman can perform this. You just have to let your man lie down on his back with his face turned towards you and you straddle him on your knees. This position offers the woman a lot of control and freedom, allowing her to move the way she wants and to determine the depth and angle of penetration from the guy. You can use your hands to push yourself up, and can slide towards any direction. Women will testify that this is the ideal position for climaxing.

2. High Impact Drives Men Crazy

This position can be considered a slight variation of Cowgirl. The woman changes positions but she doesn’t straddle the man as is the case with a cowgirl. She lets the man lie down and she squats on him, steadying herself with her hands. She does not sit on him, but leans slightly over him. This position can be challenging, but is one of the positions that enable women to climax fast. In this position, you can either lean forward or backwards, and you can tilt yourself sideways, depending on where you feel the most excitement.

3. The Intimate Lotus Sex Position

This is one of the positions that can be considered sexually intoxicating, and awfully intimate. You let the man take a sitting yoga position, with his legs crossed, and you sit on his lap, facing him. Your arms and legs are wrapped around him. You can slide up and down. This position is considered one of those that stimulate the clit and drive women crazy. This position is not easy, it demands a lot of strength, but it creates an invading sense of intimacy that is great.

4. The G Spot Sniper

This position is one of the common ones, and many people are used to it. It isn’t difficult, but the man needs to be artful. You lie down and your man gets on his knees. He holds you by the hips and lifts your legs in such a way that your buttocks are completely off the bed and your feet pointing towards the ceiling. He then thrusts his penis in your vagina, reaching and stimulating the G-Spot. The thrusts must not be deeper if you are to experience the excitement it creates.

5. The Anvil Sex Position

The anvil is the position for those who love being dominated by their men. It is also very easy to perform. The woman lies on her back, lifts her legs, and pulls them towards herself with her hands. On a kneeling position, the man penetrates her. This position can allow him to penetrate even deeper than the woman would have thought he could.

6. The Sensual Spooning Position

This position is very sensual and intimate as well. In this position, the couple both lies down facing the same direction, the man behind the woman. He enters the woman from behind and thrusts rhythmically. He can either use his hands to lift the woman’s legs further, or rubs and massages her clit to bring her to orgasm.

7. The Cat Position


“Really? The Cat position works”

The position is similar to the missionary position, but the difference is that he has to get very deep inside you while you use your push your pubic bone harder against his penis. In this position, the man does not need to thrust hard, he simply has to grind. This grinding stimulates the clit wonderfully. This position can be considered a transition from the missionary position.

Sex positions are endless, and you do not need to be an athlete or an acrobat to do it right. It is important to understand that while one position can be wonderful to one person, another might not find it stimulating. Finding the perfect position for sex is very important. You’ll experience the best sex if you find the man who can understand your position and can align perfectly with you. So, finding the right man for the job is important. You can look for the right guy in one of these sites for one night stands. Although, there are many sites for booty calls, go only for the online booty call sites that are legit and can help you find the right man to fulfill your desires. It is also important to understand that a position does not bring about orgasm just because it looks erotic, or acrobatic. You may want to try some few positions to find that which is best for you and your partner. Sometimes by trying, you’ll discover that there are other simpler positions that are fun, and comfortable. The best sex position is that which is less uncomfortable. You get the maximum feeling, and minimum discomfort.


“It’s the comfort level that matters”

Besides the sexual position, there are other things that can make sex wonderful for certain people. As mentioned at the start of this article, it is absolutely important to understand the sexual language of your partner if you’re to get the best sex. Learn what his fetishes are, the simple, casual gestures that drive him crazy. What are the things that turn him on? What kind of foreplay does he like? No matter the position, if you do not get your man eager and hard to penetrate you, you’ll not get the full satisfaction in bed.

What language do you use in bed? This is one of the things you should learn. Words are important sometimes, those dirty things people can be ashamed of in public. Does he like to hear you whisper the F word when you scream as he comes into you? Why not take a little time to discuss this? A time you are kissing, and touching each other and doing all the things you need to get ready? Sometimes people do not get the best in sex because they are shy to say what they want. Setting expectations is important, and your expectations should aim at giving the most satisfaction to your partner. If you are not sensitive, you may think you have a great sex while your partner is feeling disappointed and wanting. If you are looking for your sex game on one of the online booty call sites, you could also make your sexual preferences known before you actually meet her. This can be easier, especially if you do not feel comfortable talking upfront about them.

The above sex moves are not exclusive, you’ll find as many positions as there are couples. You can make your sexual experience with your partner become great if you take time to learn what his sexual language is. Sometimes, sex is about personality. We bring a lot of who we are into this experience, and you should be keen on the type of person you’re going to bed with. Some people are soft in bed, and they can be great for women who want to dominate. Others will be domineering, which can help you find the right position that leaves him in control. With these tips, you can spice your sexual experience and keep those you find on online booty call sites wanting to come back for more.

How Technology Is Changing Casual Sex & Relationships!


“Changes in the relationships due to the advancement in technology”

Just a few years back, just before internet service was actually available in most homes, people could access free Wi-Fi at a few public places and they were tweeting about the newest technological innovations. Little did we know that it would come to what it is today. Without a doubt, relationships were established differently back then. It took much more time to get to know someone. Time was spent together, building relationship, being close friends before dating. At least, this is how it was for some people. If we wanted to know what was going on in someone’s life, we had to ask them directly, call them or hear from someone else.

The way in which we deal with people has changed dramatically over the years. Nowadays, we have casual sex dating sites to meet potential dating partners. The Sites mentioned here: are the top casual online dating sites, that can help you find a like minded individual. You can easily meet people online now. This is the era of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and thousands of personal blogs in which people can express their exact feelings and thoughts for the entire world to see. The tablet PC, iPad, iPod and Smartphones are now king, giving us access to an array of social websites, text messaging, video chat, email and so forth. Today, we are very much linked with the people around us. We are aware of just about everything from the hottest sale at the shopping mall to the latest break-up and make up news the instant that it happens.

Of course, all this new technology has greatly impacted on how we date, manage our relationships and look for love. We have options – social networks, casual sex websites, dating apps and so much more. Technological advances impact our friendships and relationships these days in ways that most of us almost certainly do not notice. Here are several ways in which technology is changing casual sex and relationships.

1. We Get To Meet And Know New People Much Faster


“We can meet new people every day”

The awesome thing regarding the internet is the fact that we are constantly connected. In reality, we are so very connected that we feel a compelling need to update Twitter and Facebook with every little detail of our daily lives. We upload all our favorite glamor shots for our profile pictures; we create Facebook albums for our vacations, birthday bash, and share recent events using iPhone uploads. We allow all of our friends and associates to know virtually every single thing about ourselves. This information sharing significantly affects the rate in which we meet and know casual and romantic partners. Just as a large chunk of our lives is out there, so do we have access to a huge part of the lives of our friends online. In the course of just a little bit of cyber-investigation, we can get as many details of a person’s life as we would learn about the first date. This sheer volume of knowledge makes us feel as though we have known our date for years, even though it has been just a few weeks or months. This might very well help persons to bond faster, thus creating frequent casual relationships or lasting intimate attachments. In essence, with the influence of technology, it does not take much time for us to meet people for casual sex or stronger relationships.

2. We Can Be Connected To Our Partners 24/7


“Always stay connected”

Although seen as a good thing for some, for others, constant contact can become very annoying. It used to be much more difficult staying in contact with people. Just a few years back, if we were in long distance relationships, we had to write letters. Back then, we had to be in our homes or cars to make phone calls… oh yes, public pay phones were available too. But now, most of us have our own mobile devices for communication. In fact, today, your Smartphone is your best friend. We are up in each other’s face every minute of the day. When we go out with friends and even at work, we send text messages with our phones, keep up with Facebook and Twitter trends, text and chat constantly all day. This has become an essential way of life for many. The possibilities for dialogue are enormous and we really love to take advantage of them. With this new found power, we feel more connected to our friends and partners. Unfortunately, constant communication is not without negative consequences. For some individuals, it is possible to know way too much. All the mystery is lost by chatting to our lovers so much in the early phases of the relationship. This can make some people feel as though they are being spied on. This can lead to feelings of anger and resentment. It can sometimes get quite ridiculous, as some persons do believe that having access to someone means always accessing them.

3. We Have Casual Sexual Experiences Much Faster

With every aspect of relationships going so much faster, it is not astonishing to know that we are typically bringing our relationships into the bedroom much sooner. Some surveys have revealed that women tend to prefer waiting a few months before they progress into a more sexual relationship. However, recent studies suggest that females who remain in constant contact with their partners through social networks may very well choose to indulge in sexual intimacy shortly after a few dates. This is most likely the impact of the technologies we have access to. Many persons believe that they have indeed gotten to know her or his partner very well by simply browsing their Facebook pictures, viewing profiles on casual sex websites and analyzing mutual friends. For this reason, we behave as though we know people, when in fact we actually do not. This fast pace, Smartphone relationship often ends as fast as they start.

4. Breakups Are Far More Difficult To Deal With


“It’s hard to deal with breakups online”

As if breakups were not difficult enough prior to us becoming Smartphone smarty pants, our constant connection with social networks has made things even worse for many people. During the course of a relationship, a number of people opt to greatly ingrain their lovers in their social networks. They are on your friend’s list on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, and might even be a member of your clique in World of War Craft Online. This is also true for many of your ex-partner’s friends that you got to know through the course of your romantic relationship. Because of this, it can be very difficult to keep distance after a split up. It will not help with dealing with your emotional connection if you observe your ex’s new and happy profile pictures. It can be heart rending for some to see their ex-partners on an exciting vacation, post pictures with someone else or even update the status of their relationship. Even after removing your ex’s stuff from your social network profiles, you might still come across them in a friend’s comments or statuses.

5. We Have Infinite Access To Casual Sex Websites

The Internet is readily accessible on the iPhone, iPad and other smart mobile technologies. This makes it easier to form relationships based solely on sexual gratification. One can download an app to their mobile device which connects them to countless casual sex websites. Many persons also visit these sites directly and they are seemingly the newest trend for building relationships. This has changed the way people date significantly. Today, it is less about the charm of the old days and more about the lustful pleasures of a fast-paced world.

Do you really believe that these technological advances are good for relationships? Many would agree that this is the way to go into a new era. Well, every time has its best and worst. There are positives and negatives in everything we do. Whatever happens will ultimately be a result of our decisions. So are the positive effects on our relationships? Perhaps. As we see, the results may help us change how open we are to showcase our personal lives in the public eyes. Keeping a little distance from casual sex websites and social networks might be beneficial after all. Good old fashion waiting to get to know someone is good. If you are unable to master iPhone and other mobile technologies today, then you need to go back to the old ways. Finding out details about a person directly can be fun and mysterious. Get off the internet sometimes and spend quality time with people and away from gadgets.

How to Deal with Arguments whether in a Relationship or in a Workplace

Arguing is a part of daily life. Whenever individuals with different personalities and views are required to cooperate, an argument may easily spark. People argue almost everywhere: at home, at the airport terminal, during classes, as well as, of course, at the work place.

In the working setting, regardless of whether your surroundings is identical office each day or even, to the traveling business person, various meeting locations around the globe, you might find yourself arguing along with coworkers in regards to a number of issues. You might argue about a suggestion, you might argue with regards to a brainstorming ideas, you might argue concerning the unjust treatment you believe you are receiving, or you might simple argue regarding who consumed all of the coffee not having making more.

Many people want to argue – lawyers, extremely outspoken personalities, people reliving their own glory times as the older year debate team leader – but many people find uneasy the occasion they find their selves in the mist of the conflict. For these kinds of people, it is possible to end an argument just before it will get really ugly.

 Find out how to deal with arguments in a relationship, by looking within.

Find out how to deal with arguments in a relationship, by looking within.

  • Listen: If you end up arguing, you might become so quickly distracted by the points you’re making that you do not take time to truly listen to somebody else. The person on the opposite end might be arguing with you; however they might also have some good points, points which even you’ll agree with. Listening to these people also shows them that you simply respect what they’ve to express. Not listening, as well as interjecting with ideas and thoughts of your own, is only going to make argument one stage further.

  • Walk inside the other Person’s Shoes: Quite often within an argument, there’s no wrong or right answer: each side have positives as well as negatives. Acknowledging this to your opponent is an excellent solution to calm them down. Rather than blatantly arguing with everything they are saying, let them know that you could see their own point and you understand exactly where they’re coming from. This instantly takes them from the defense, making them more likely to view your point also.

  • Apologize if you’re wrong: Pride is one thing no one wants to swallow; it does not taste good and can make use of a little salt. However, when you are aware that you’ve wronged other people, the best thing to do is actually be responsible of your actions and then apologize. It doesn’t mean that you need to agree with all the things they are saying, however, if they’re arguing with you regarding actions you know are immoral, and then simply just tell them that you’re sorry.

  • Just Walk Away: Fighting with somebody involves lots of passion and much emotion. Each time these two elements get together, you might find yourself stating things that you do not mean. In the fit of anger, you might be consumed with smacking the opponent “below the belt” so you are along with keeping the actual argument upon topic. If this sounds like about to happen — and you feel yourself losing manage – merely walk away. Have a few moments to gather your thoughts as well as calm yourself down. After that, return to the actual argument along with rationality on your side.

  • Accept It: Not every argument could be resolved: many people may just really feel too highly about their jobs and, obviously, there is always the possibility that each side of the debate is correct or each side of the debate is incorrect. No one actually said that each and every argument experienced end along with both parties trembling hands in complete agreement.

Tips for Dealing with the Aftermath of an Argument

Tips for Dealing with the Aftermath of an Argument

If you find yourself not able to resolve a disagreement, simply accept it after which move on. Nothing’s more unpleasant than discussing the same debate five years in the future.

MS Surface VS Apple’s iOS : Choosing the Best

Tablets are fast rising in popularity today and with Apple’s success, Microsoft has also joined the bandwagon and it has recently released its newest gadget, MS Surface. These are tablet computers that are sold under Microsoft. With Microsoft joining in the tablet race, many may wonder if it can topple Apple’s iOS in the tablet market. Which one is better, MS Surface or Apple’s iOS?

Like any OS platforms, MS Surface and Apple’s iOS have their own strength and weaknesses. It would really depend on what people are using them for and what they would like to experience with these computing gadgets. MS Surface may prove to be superior for an IT technician whereas Apple’s iOS may prove best for a business traveller. However, failing to recognize their goals and each platform may lead consumers to buying computing devices that they don’t really need. Fortunately, this article will help you make sense of which computing device would work best for you.


iOS is Apple’s mobile platform. When it comes to apps, iOS has the largest library as compared to other mobile platform. Many people prefer to use iOS because of its simplicity and polished design. The apps in iOS can’t be personalized and you can just swipe and tap on the icons to view the contents of the apps. Apple’s iOS is static, identical and the icons are all laid out in a rigid grid. Even toddlers can use and play with iOS. It’s a computing gadget that makes almost everyone empowered to enjoy digital devices.

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

MS Surface

MS Surface’s Windows 8 boasts of a start screen that’s dynamic and flexible. “Live Tiles” are the app icons that one can find in an MS Surface tablet. It can be resized and users can also customize it. This form of display is called Metro and the Metro design gives MS Surface a bold, dynamic and artsy design that makes it look so cool. Users can just touch the start screen and the tiles will appear. You can “squeeze” the tiles and each live tile will shrink in size thus giving you a view of the apps. Users can then tap and swipe each tile to view one section of apps to the next.

Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft Surface tablets

MS Surface comes with Windows operating system and it offers the same UI start screen and desktop app that one can find in laptops and desktops running on Windows’s operating system. As for the applications, the Windows store has about almost 14,000 applications and that’s a low number as compared to iOS’s number of 275,000. So clearly, iOS wins in the race against apps however when it comes to a truly multi-tasking experience, MS Surface leads the race. It offers a dual interface which means more work done. Plus it has a creative and graphic design that makes it look cool. The iOS is really not built for multi-tasking and users have to tap out of each icon to view other icons.

So which one is the best? You be the judge. It really depends on what you want to use your computing device for.

Everything You Need to Know About the CrossFit Craze

You may have heard of the term CrossFit and wonder what it is about. For someone who does not take exercise seriously, that person may not even care. It is gaining popularity throughout the world that it has been dubbed as the new craze. A craze, though, is something that lasts only for a short while. With the results from people who have tried it, they seem to be addicted to it because it works. CrossFit is a company name. Since it has developed exercise programs that are meant to maximize the best of you, it has been used as a generic term that can mean all what it is below.

What CrossFit IS…

CrossFit is for everyone. There are people as young as 3 years of age and as old as 80 who have started doing the program. Even if you have zero capacity or have been doing exercises for years, you start with what you can do and up your limit as time goes by. It is used by firefighters, martial artists, military personnel and police force, because it measures what they can be capable of doing, thus, it becomes a competitive measurement among crossfitters of the same fitness level. You can also compete with your own record. It is a combination of cardio and strength training, hence, a full body workout that helps develop the following fitness skills: cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, stamina, coordination, balance, flexibility, power, agility and accuracy. It is a lifestyle. You train to prepare yourself for life challenges that may hit you. How many flights of stairs can you climb? How far can you swim? How fast can you run from perpetrators?

CrossFit: Drop pounds in no time with the newest exercise craze

CrossFit: Drop pounds in no time with the newest exercise craze

What CrossFit is NOT…

CrossFit is not dangerous since each person undergoing training is guided accordingly by a fitness trainer. You can only do as much as you can and improvement comes with practice. It is not boring as there are varied high-intensity drills and challenges fit for each fitness level including weightlifting, rowing, rope jumping, rope climbing, carrying odd objects and using weightlifting equipment like kettlebells, sandbags, gymnastic rings and others. There are WODs (workout of the day) programs that are listed online. You can also ask for a list from your nearby CrossFit gym coach.

Women's CrossFit Workout

Women’s CrossFit Workout

Benefits of CrossFit training…

  1. High metabolism. Metabolism slows down as we age. With the right training, we boost our metabolism with weight-bearing exercises which keeps on burning even after the workout.

  2. Whole body toning. Losing body fat is one thing. If you do not develop your muscles you will get saggy all over. A pound of fat is bulkier than a pound of muscle. Even if you weigh more with muscles, you are lean.

  3. Painless joints. The more you use your joints, the less pain you will feel.

  4. Healthy lifestyle. As you embark on the CrossFit journey, you will also be mindful of your diet which will also affect your own family especially if you are a parent.

  5. Fitness skills. You will be able to develop the fitness skills mentioned above under what CrossFit is.

  6. Social boost. You will develop the confidence that will enable you to be sociable. You will be able to handle bullies.

  7. Know your max. How far, how long, how much more can you handle? Competing against your old record will always be your target.

How to Shop for & Pick a Mortgage

Mortgage is a crucial decision that one has to take to have a financial help at the time of need for particular purpose like buying a house or car etc. But one should shop for it before picking one for his use as mortgage loans are available with different terms and condition depending on various factors. You can follow the following guidelines to shop for suitable mortgage before picking one.

Know your credit report

First of all you should evaluate your credit report if you are planning to pick a mortgage loan for to refute your financial problems. You can have free credit reports from the three credit reporting agencies to check any error in them as an inaccuracy in these reports can adversely affect the possibilities of attaining mortgage loans at favorable terms. If you have unfavorable credit report then you should try to improve it by repaying your past loans in time and changing your spending habits.

Know the current interest rates

While shopping for suitable mortgage you must be aware of the current trends of interest rates prevailing in the financial market as they usually fluctuate with the demand and supply of funds in the market. Usually mortgage interest rates do not remain constant for long time as if in one month they are all time high then they may slide down in the next very month. Such fluctuations can save you lots of dollars if you are aware of their present trends. But it is difficult to predict the future trends of the mortgage interest rates as they depend on various factors linked with the national as well as international economic conditions.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans

Select a suitable mortgage program

You must go through all the options of mortgage available to you in the financial market to choose one suitable to your conditions to shop for before picking it. Taking a mortgage loan is not a casual matter that you can take it lightly. You can find a number of choices in today’s financial market to choose from as new opportunities are arising day-to-day to allure the borrowers. So it is important to be aware of the financial options available in the market to choose an appropriate one for you.

Though your personal expectations for the future interest rates, adversity to risk and your tax slab are some of the important factors to decide about the mortgage plan you choose but there are certain other factors that can affect your decision about an appropriate mortgage plan at the time of your financial need. Some of these crucial factors as under:

  • Period of time for which you need this loan

  • Amount of mortgage loan required

  • Amount of down payment you can make for this loan

  • Possibilities to repay mortgage earlier

  • Possibilities to repay extra principal before time

  • Stability of your income to assure repayment of mortgage in time

Buying A Car

Buying A Car

Thus, before picking any mortgage option for your financial needs you should shop on all the points discussed in this article to get an appropriate option for you.

Bad Employees: How To Deal With Them

Being the head of a business has both the negative and the positive. On the positive side, you will feel that you are on top of everyone, you enjoy a good pay that the rest of the employees and it also makes you feel great to be obeyed. But on the negative side, your employees can make your life a living hell.

Having bad employees in your business decreases your department’s productivity. Those few employees will also affect the productivity of your business by negatively influencing other good employees to adopt their behavior. Such employees will always come to work late, not finish their work on time, and engage in other time wasting activities.

Dealing with bad employees is not an easy task. They are grown-ups like you and controlling them is hard. Here are a few tips to guide you towards influencing such employees.

First, you need to behave like a team leader. Do the right thing and they will follow suit. If it is finishing your work early, coming to work on time is an act of being an example to them. They will feel embarrassed that the boss is doing the right thing and they will have to do the same. You will even have the right to confront them whenever they deviate from their work.

Avoid shouting at them whenever they do something wrong. You should however not be polite with them. They will feel more superior to you and do wrong things knowing that the boss will not do anything. Aim at boosting their morale by encouraging them instead of yelling at them.

Confronting bad employee behavior is a difficult task that most managers deal with at some point in their careers. Bad employee behavior can refer to a variety of offenses

Confronting bad employee behavior is a difficult task that most managers deal with at some point in their careers. Bad employee behavior can refer to a variety of offenses

Another thing you need to do is to recognize their talents and put those them to task. Make them feel appreciated and if possible, give awards to those employees who utilize their talents well. Organize for a marathon and ward those who have performed well or even a football tournament. This is a way of motivating your employees and when they feel appreciated, case of bad behavior will be unheard of.

Bringing somebody to come and talk to them can also do you good. You can invite human resource personnel from another company to encourage them on what they need to do to boost their morale at work.

Good remuneration can also be of help. Employees might be behaving badly because they are unhappy with the salary you are paying them. This will make them engage in gossip about your business, how you earn profits yet you pay the little. Make them earn what their services are worth. They will always feel happy and work towards increasing your profits.

Human Resource Consultancy Business Unit

Human Resource Consultancy Business Unit

Never entertain bad behavior from the employees. If it is bad, it is. Confront the employee; let him know that whatever he is doing is not right. Do not let them get away with bad behavior and if possible, you can switch their positions in case you notice a group of employees working together are influencing one another. Separate them and always keep an eye on them in wherever department you have posted them. If the behavior continues, try confronting it in another dimension.